DEE2 gets published

The project has been a labor of love since 2013/2014, has undergone a major overhaul and has finally been published online in GigaScience. The great thing about this journal is not only are the articles open access, but also the reviewer's comments. We had great suggestions and they improved the resource tremendously.

It's great that it has been published finally, but publication is not the end goal of the project. The goal is to democratize omics data to a point where it can be done by biologists without any coding experience, undergrad students, high school students, practically anyone with a smart phone and an internet connection. So instead of being the end of the project, this is really the end of the beginning. Not only will we be keeping up with new SRA submissions over the next year of so, we will be incorporating new features, new species and perhaps some new data types.

If you have suggestions, feedback of comments I would be very grateful!


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